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O.SEM is the first private dental center in Burgas and South-East Bulgaria. Our aim is to offer innovative, accessible and patient-centred dental care.
O.SEM Dental Center provides a full range of dental solutions with bespoke care tailored to each patient’s medical needs, age, and preferences. We are the dental clinic for you and your entire family.

Денталните ни услуги
в цифри

Желанието ни непрестанно да усъвършенстваме обслужването и процесите в Центъра, водят до непрестанната подобряване на оценките и резултатите ни.

Клиентска удовлетвореност
Успешни процедури
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Advantages of O.SEM Dental Center:

  • СSpecialists in prosthetic dentistry, maxillofacial and oral surgery, periodontology, endodontics, orthodontics and general dentistry.
  • Warranty for many of our services!

O.SEM Dental Center’s team of talented dentists constantly invest their time and efforts in training and professional development.

Our dentists are experts in different areas of dental medicine.

We are committed to provide you a thorough examination and the full range of services that your treatment may require under one roof – you save time whilst receiving excellent quality care.

At O.SEM Dental Center we operate under the highest quality standards for each procedure to ensure the safety of our patients and successful treatment outcomes.

We comply with strict hygiene and disinfection procedures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Advantages of O.SEM Dental Center:

  • Treatment plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs
  • Transparent price offerings
  • We can provide all documents required for reimbursement by your health insurer

O.SEM Dental Center provides bespoke dental care tailored to each patient’s medical needs and conditions, age and personal preferences.

We provide personal attention to create a calm and reassuring experience. Оur commitment to our patients’ oral health doesn’t end when they leave the clinic after a treatment. We urge patients to devote efforts in prevention.

At O.SEM Dental Center, you will receive a high quality dental treatment in a pleasant and calm environment. We aim to make your visits to our clinic an experience which brings a smile to your face.

We will perform a thorough examination, on the basis of which we will prepare a personalised treatment plan with transparent pricing.


Advantages of O.SEM Dental Center:

  • Two free parking spaces for patients at the dental center (please request your parking space in advance when booking your appointment)
  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Cosy kids’ corner

O.SEM Dental Center is located in the heart of Burgas – 12 Tsar Simeon I Street. The clinic operates within a beautiful, new-built development. The interior combines functionality, access for people with disabilities with modern design and comfort.

You can also reach our convenient location by public transport (T2, B11, B12, 11, 12, 15).
Our working hours will allow you to choose the most convenient day and time.
We are open from 09:00 to 20:00 every weekday and from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays.

Deciding whether you would like to take advantage of our services is easy – we will provide you with detailed information and will be happy to answer your questions.

For us, high quality dental services must also be offered at affordable prices – see for yourself.


Advantages of O.SEM Dental Center:

  • The clinic has 3 treatment rooms with specialised dental equipment, including 3D (CBCT), OPG and sector x-ray scanners, a dental microscope and a teeth whitening lamp.

With our modern equipment, we can provide high quality services at reasonable prices.

Our dentists use modern, established techniques, as well as high-quality materials from leading world manufacturers to comply with our high standards of work.


O.SEM Dental Center has 3D (CBCT) and sector x-ray scanners for oral and maxillofacial examinations.

Our scanner allows your doctor to visualize the exact anatomy of the treatment site before the clinical procedure with minimal levels of radiation for the patient.



  • Индивидуален план и ценова оферта, позволяващи да бъдат планирани естеството, графикът и финансовите рамки на лечението по най-добрия начин
  • СКОРО: Работа с НЗОК за дентално лечение и рентгенови снимки

Дентален център О.СЕМ гарантира лично отношение към всеки пациент, съобразено с възрастта и настройката му към денталното лечение.

Центърът поставя фокус върху спокойното и вдъхващо доверие преживяване, което да изгради у всеки пациент трайни навици за грижа към личното му здраве – без страх и без отлагане.

При нас ще получите най-съвременното дентално лечение в приятна и спокойна обстановка и ще започнете да ходите на зъболекар с удоволствие и усмивка.

Тук ще Ви осигурим детайлен първоначален преглед, на базата на който се изготвя индивидуален план за лечение, основан на Вашите нужди, в най-удобното за Вас време и с ясно ценообразуване.

Препоръки от
наши клиенти

Петър Илиев

Клиника, която събра на едно място едни от най-доказаните стоматолози в България.

Петя Антонова

След толкова години мисля, че открих моят дентален център за мен и семейството ми.

Кристина Иванова
Естетична дерматология

Усмивката ми никога не е била толкова естествена и изразителна. Благодаря ви.

Жани Тодорова

Бях изненадана, че цялото лечение ми протече на едно място без да се налага да сменям локации.

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