COVID-19 measures

At O.SEM Dental Center we care about your health and wellbeing.

This is why we follow all recommendations of the Bulgarian Dental Association as well as West-European and US best practice for protection against infection and transmission of COVID-19.

When scheduling an appointment, we ask all our patients about COVID-19 symptoms.

Upon entering the clinic, we kindly ask our patients to put on shoe covering, to apply hand sanitizer and to wear a mask until they sit on the dentist’s chair.

We allow a minimum number of patients in the reception area and have clearly signposted available seats.

Prior to treatment, each patient is asked to rinse their mouth with a disinfecting solution for 20 seconds. We use rubber dam where possible during procedures to limit the potential spread of viruses and aerosols.

We disinfect thoroughly and air the treatment rooms after the visit of each patient. We immediately start the sterilisation process of instruments following use.

We use air purifiers and disinfect the surfaces with detergents and antibacterial lamps in all treatment rooms and the reception area.

Our dental practitioners use protective equipment to minimize the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19.

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All Rights Reserved 2022 | O.SEM Dental Centers

All Rights Reserved 2022 | O.SEM Dental Centers