Our equipment

O.SEM Dental Center operates with modern equipment to provide high-quality and effective treatment with maximum comfort for our patients.

Vatech PaX-i3D SMART dental x-ray for panoramic (OPG) and 3D (CBCT) imaging

Our latest generation digital dental x-ray scanner provides excellent quality panoramic and 3D images for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning and tracking with a minimum level of radiation and maximum comfort for patients.


CJ-Optik Flexion Advanced dental microscope

We have one of the most innovative dental microscopes on the market – by magnifying the image, our dentists see the treatment area down to the smallest detail to provide you with the most accurate treatment.


Vatech EzRay Air Wall intra-oral imaging system

Our modern X-ray for intra-oral images allows quick and accurate diagnosis of a specific sector of teeth with a minimum level of radiation.


BLUEDENT 12 BL dental whitening lamp

Our whitening lamp effectively restores the natural whiteness of your teeth for maximum comfort during the procedure and a dazzling smile for a long time.


Sterilization and disinfection equipment

We adhere to hygiene protocols to ensure the safety and health of our patients. Our small instrument inventory goes through disinfection, ultrasonic and mechanical treatment. Instruments are then machine packed and autoclaved. We also rely on the latest equipment for disinfection of the working environment – antibacterial lamps for surface disinfection, as well as air purifiers in each treatment room.

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