Dr. Ivaylo Radev

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Д-р Ивайло Радев

Dr. Radev is a Specialist in maxillofacial and oral surgery.

He graduated as a dentist in 1994 and has subsequently obtained specialist diplomas in maxillofacial surgery and oral surgery from the Medical University in Plovdiv.

He attends various professional courses in Bulgaria and abroad (Europe, Asia, America) in the following areas: anatomical-surgical dissections, endoscopy and endoscopic treatment in the maxillofacial area, aesthetic surgery, prosthetic implantology, treatment of fractures in the maxillofacial area, microvascular surgery and microvascular grafts in the maxillofacial area, orbital surgery, oncological surgery, orthognathic surgery, surgical treatment of the sinuses, surgical treatment of the salivary glands, and others.

Dr. Radev conducts anatomical and anthropological research and develops methods for injectable analgesia in the maxillofacial area. He introduced for the first time in the country endoscopic-assisted intraoral osteosynthesis in fractures of the articular process of the mandible, as well as submental intubation anaesthesia in the treatment of facial fractures.

He speaks English and Russian.

Dr. Radev is married and a father. He has a large variety of interests: amateur writer, musician, bibliophile, historian, photographer, lover of ancient languages ​​and parallel linguistics, philosophy and calligraphy, astrology and alchemy, holistic physician, traveller, mountaineer, and mountain biker.