at O.SEM Dental Center

Prevention and conservative treatment

Initial examination and consultation
30 lv.
Oral hygiene (professional teeth cleaning)
90 lv.
Polishing with Air Flow
30 lv.
90 100 lv.

Root canal treatment (using microscope)

Pre-endodontic build-up
100 lv.
Disinfection and sterilisation of 1 root canal (initial treatment))
120 lv.
Tooth closure with photopolymer (+ root post)
40 (+60 for the post)


Tooth extraction (excluding wisdom teeth)
80-100 lv.
Wisdom tooth extraction (completely erupted)
160 lv.
Extraction of a broken/decayed tooth
160 lv.
Extraction of a partially impacted or impacted tooth
350 lv.


Implant (excl. crown)
1 300 lv.

Prosthetic treatment

Crown – metal/ceramic
300 lv.
Crown – zirconium
360 - 400 lv.
Crown – porcelain
600 lv.
500-600 lv.
Full prosthesis (1 jaw)
200 + labwork
Thermoplastic prosthesis (1 jaw)
600 lv.
Bonding of front teeth (per tooth)
140 lv.
Mouthguard for bruxism
190 lv.


OPG (panoramic) imaging
25 lv.
3D (CBCT) imaging - partial / full
30 / 100 lv.

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    All Rights Reserved 2021 | O.SEM Dental Center