at O.SEM Dental Centers

Prevention and conservative treatment

Initial examination and consultation
35 lv.
Oral hygiene (professional teeth cleaning)
105 lv.
Polishing with Air Flow
35 lv.
110-120-160 lv. (depending on sides treated)

Root canal treatment (using microscope, if required)

Pre-endodontic build-up
120 lv.
Disinfection and sterilisation of 1 root canal (initial treatment)
155 lv.
Tooth closure with photopolymer (+ root post)
60 lv. (+70lv. for the post)


Tooth extraction (excluding wisdom teeth)
95-115 lv.
Wisdom tooth extraction (completely erupted)
185 lv.
Extraction of a broken/decayed tooth
185 lv.
Extraction of a partially impacted or impacted tooth
390 lv.


Implant (excl. crown)
1 500 lv.

Prosthetic treatment

Crown – metal/ceramic
380 lv.
Crown – zirconium
450 lv.
Crown – zirconium (with porcelain coping)
600 lv.
Crown – porcelain
800 lv.
700-800 lv.*
*Price varies based on the material selected.
Full prosthesis (1 jaw)
450 lv.
Thermoplastic prosthesis (1 jaw)
700 lv.
Bonding of front teeth (per tooth) - direct injection technique
160 lv.
Bonding of front teeth (per tooth) - high-aesthetic
320 lv.
Mouthguard for bruxism
220 lv.


OPG (panoramic) imaging
30 lv.
3D (CBCT) imaging - partial / full
35 / 115 lv.

Treatments with dental laser

Plastic surgery of the gum
95 lv.
Crown lengthening
165 lv.
Removal of papilloma, fibroma, etc.
185 lv.
Treatment of canker sores, herpes, etc.
55 lv.
Periodontal laser therapy (per dental segment)
200 lv.
Initial therapy of periodontitis with dental laser
On request
Caries treatment with laser (adults)
185 lv.
Caries treatment (children)
165 lv.

Aesthetic medicine

Hyaluronic fillers: Restylane
460-645 lv.
Hyaluronic fillers: Hyafilia
460-520 lv.
Collagen-stimulating fillers: Radiesse
1 095 lv.
Collagen-stimulating fillers: Sculptra
1 150 lv.
Collagen-stimulating fillers: Ellanse
805-1 495 lv.
Hair therapy
290-405 lv.
Plasma therapy: PRP
345-575 lv.
Treadlifting (Aptos)
805-2 415 lv.
230-635 lv.
405-575 lv.
*All prices are in Bulgarian leva and incl. VAT
** Insured patients receive benefits as per their policy (incl. NZOK)